Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Parking Redevelopment Program Phase II – Parking Lot Canopies

This project consists of the installation of canopies for two (2) of the surface parking lots (Red and Blue lots) and a connector. The Red Lot, located the closest to the terminal on the north, will be completely covered by a 75,807 SF canopy. The Blue Lot, located east of the Red Lot, will be covered by a 123,944 SF canopy. Both sites will be adjoined by a 5,071 SF “Connector” over the road to allow for covered parking from the furthest location of the Blue Lot across Park Road to the Red Lot and finally to tie into the existing Airport Terminal canopy right outside of the Staff Parking Lot. The project also includes redeveloped landscaping, new exterior lighting, and redeveloped signage for both parking lots.

Client Architect Completion
City of Cleveland Westlake Reed Leskosky 2016
Services Location Cost
Design-Build Cleveland, Ohio $9.8M